Parent Testimonials

“When Alex first met our son, he had limited eye contact, delayed speech and didn’t respond to his name. In the short months since we’ve been working with Alex, our son has improved dramatically. Eye contact comes naturally and not only does he respond to his name, but he initiates conversations as well. He also knows his ABCs, colours, shapes, and numbers. It is a joy to behold. It’s obvious from the data obtained from the ABA sessions that our son’s improvements are directly related to the ABA method. We are convinced that without Alex’s training, our son would not be where he is today; in a typical school, making friends and progressing daily.”
-S.S., mother of 3 year-old boy

“Our son was diagnosed at age 4, with PDD-NOS, displaying limited vocabulary and behavioural issues. We turned to Alex, and through the no-nonsense approach of ABA therapy, he has made tremendous strides. ABA therapy gave us the tools to help him out of his shell. Today, we look at a vibrant, and inquisitive 6 year old, thanks to Alex’s methods, which challenged him to achieve his full potential.”
-C.H., mother of 6 year-old boy

“Alexandra has been involved with our sons’ therapy since the beginning, two years ago, after they were both diagnosed with autism. We knew nothing about ABA and were overwhelmed, still trying to come to terms with the diagnosis. Alexandra walked us through the process and found us a wonderful therapist who she has supervised, advised and supported the whole time. Her extensive knowledge on autism and ABA and experience with autistic children have helped get us to where we are today...integrating our boys into a regular school. We can’t thank her enough!”
-C.P., mother of 5 year-old boys