• Supervision and development of intensive behaviour intervention programs at home, school or daycares
  • Assisting parents in applying behaviour management strategies with their children
  • Training therapists in the methodology of Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Consultation also available on an as needed basis

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My programs are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each child. They incorporate evidence-based, effective and ethical methods. Data analysis is used to advance skills, make program changes, and troubleshoot areas of concern. I work collaboratively with the rest of the service providers and family members in order maximize consistency and positive outcomes. Some of the skill areas addressed include:

  • Attending (e.g. eye contact)
  • Imitation
  • Language and communication
  • Play
  • Socialization
  • Gross and fine motor
  • Self-help (e.g. dressing)
  • Behaviour management

Initial Consultation

Prior to beginning a program, an intake assessment is completed. During the assessment, information regarding your child's psychological, medical and educational history will be collected. As well, I will observe and interact with your child in order to develop age appropriate goals and objectives.

Ongoing Consultation

Consultation is provided on a weekly basis. During this time, program changes such as lesson progression and troubleshooting will take place. Additionally, supervision will provide the therapists with ongoing training in the methodologies of ABA and address parent concerns.